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Prudent Living e-Magazine is a free, quarterly resource for how to live prudently, from suggestions for green home renovations and alternative energy solutions to gardening tips and health information. Prudent living is all about living smart, using resources wisely, and preserving good health. Written by experts in the prudent community–including our readers!–the short, tips-filled  articles are seasonal, practical and relevant.

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Prudent Living - On The Home Front

HomeAcre Hop # 67

Apr 24 2014

  Welcome to The HomeAcre Hop! Share your homesteading, homemaking, and homeschooling posts! I don’t know about you but I am really looking forward to spring. I’ve spent the last few days in CT with my daughter. The weather has been beautiful and we had a chance to visit the New York Botanical Garden which was just beautiful. The highlight of the day was visiting the  vegetable gardens, I think my granddaughter would have spent all day watering the plants! The cherry trees were just starting to bloom, so pretty! I look forward to seeing things green up in Vermont! Now it’s time......


My Garden: Feed Your Soil

Apr 23 2014

What is your garden soil like? Is it rich loamy soil or sandy? No matter what your soil’s structure may be, you can improve it by the addition of organic matter. Last year we made some new compost bins. After filling them all season we will now empty them into our vegetable garden. The rich compost will greatly improve the soil. How does that work? In the process of decay, formerly living things give up the substances from which they were built so that other living things can use them. In the soil, with the aid of bacteria and fungi,......


Frugal Tips: Will Being Thrifty Get You To Heaven?

Apr 22 2014
Proverbs 13:22

We all know that being thrifty will benefit our wallets. Living on less than you make is a good idea. Did you ever wonder if there might be eternal rewards as well? The Bible has many references to money. One of the more familiar quotes is from 1Timothy  6:10, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, in their eagerness to get rich, have wandered away from the faith and caused themselves a lot of pain.” If money is “the root of all evil”, is spending less of it a fundamental good? Or,......


Prudent Pantry: Continuing with the Pantry Challenge

Apr 21 2014
Roasting ½ turkey.

Have you decided to clean out your pantry and freezer and take part in the pantry challenge? It’s something I do every spring as I get ready for the next season’s harvest. I’m pretty good at planning our meals from what we have on hand, but this time of year I make a big effort to use up what is still left from the last harvest. The best part about the challenge is getting my freezers organized and having an updated inventory. I now know exactly what I have on hand, at least in my freezers! Last week went well,......


Recipe Box: Corn and Cheddar Cakes

Apr 18 2014
Corn & Cheddar Cakes

In my ongoing effort to clean out my freezer and pantry for the Spring Pantry Challenge, I decided to make corn and cheddar cakes. Replacing the flour with masa harina yields an unusually light, soufflé like breakfast cake. We often like to eat breakfast for dinner so this was a perfect weeknight meal. I served them with a mixed green salad for a well-rounded meal. This recipe was adapted from a Weight Watchers recipe. I was able to use up some corn and chopped red pepper from the freezer, a little leftover buttermilk and sour cream from the fridge and......


Backyard Maple Sugaring. A Sweet Thing?


Backyard Maple Sugaring.  A Sweet Thing?   Undoubtedly, many an amateur ‘sugaring’ enthusiast has been richly surprised by a mid-to-late winter day thaw  (when even the Farmer’s Almanac may have missed the mark) offering  ideal conditions for sap flow and filling their tree-hung  buckets with nature’s liquid gold.  Nature presents us with constant reminders that…
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Prepping Your Brain For the Summer Sun

I spent some time out on the roof of one of our solar projects this week, and when I finally came down I noticed that my skin was a bit red. This isn’t an uncommon thing in my life, and probably not yours either. Late spring into early fall the weather is too warm for…
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What the Heck is Plasticulture?


Last week I was driving by a small farm on my way into town. They were setting their tractor up with a roll of white plastic to do another row of planting. I pass this farm all the time and I always wonder to myself, why on earth they’re covering up their crops with sheet…
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Prudent Living Train Update


Today and tomorrow we’re putting the final touches on the display. The glass is going in, computer monitors are getting mounted, and the shelving is finally ready to go in place. It’s really starting to look good!    All the educational info is at the printer and coming back to us today and tomorrow, so…
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Prudent Living Train Update!


We’re in the last stages! The electronics are going in, and the educational portions are all sent to print. Video monitors are going in today and tomorrow. We’re on schedule and almost ready.   In the meantime, I promised to post more train descriptions as time drew near. Here’s the third of four!   The…
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Prudent Living Train Update


This is the week we’ve been waiting for!   Our efforts are dedicated and focused on finishing this display before the grand opening this Saturday. In preparation for that here’s another fun little write up on the second of our railways. There are still two left, and I’ll be putting them up here on the blog throughout…
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Prudent Living Train Update


As the grand opening approaches, I’ll be releasing some of the more fun information related to the Prudent Living Train and it’s four working tracks. We’ve named each of them, and written a fictional history for each of them as a bit of fun for the display.    None of it is real, of course,…
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Prudent Living Train, update

It’s been a little while since we’ve updated you on the progress for the train. Well wait not longer! It’s just about done. The tables are together and ready for testing. All that’s left is the rather lengthy electrical work, the glass enclosure, and finally the educational space/railing around the outside.   We went out…
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Anonymity and (dis)honesty on the Internet

I got a call from my sister last week about a computer issue she was having that was semi-related to my last “prudent computing” post, but I thought it was different enough to merit a new post. She called me up and said she had been searching around for something for her son. He’s only…
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Prepping for Camping Season


Camping season is fast approaching. For those of us who enjoy the great outdoors, the warm weather is a sign of good things to come. Perhaps you can feel the pull of the weekend hike, and the smell of nature is a reminder that very soon you’ll be able to get out and enjoy some…
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