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Prudent Living welcomes the opportunity to serve you in four key areas. Build your future Zero Energy Solar Home or high-performance home with Prudent Living Homes. Start saving now on your energy bills with Prudent Living Solar. Explore high-performance home construction details and learn about alternative home energy solutions with Prudent Living Magazine, our weekly blog. And climb aboard the Prudent Living Train for your entertainment and education through an immersive video experience. We love building Zero Energy High-Performance Homes that provide sustainable solutions for our customers.


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Our full-service design/build team starts with talking about your project and developing trust in our "meet and greet" meeting. Here we'll share ideas on we begin to make your dream a reality!

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Make Your Meter Spin Backwards

A Spin You Can TrustHow often do we wonder if what we hear on the news is really the truth? “It’s all in how you spin it,” they say. One reporter says that “such and such happened” and we believe it.  But then we change channels and get hit with a totally different “spin” from…

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Safety On The Home Front

by Nancy Wolff When I was asked to write an article on Safety my mind started to go in all different directions. Should I write about the safety of using homemade cleaning products versus store bought? Of the importance of keeping the prongs of a garden rake pointed downwards when you garden? Or should I…

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The 3 Top Things to Avoid When Building a Net Zero Home in Vermont

Building a net zero home in Vermont is becoming the new norm in residential construction. Want proof?  Check out the almost limitless amount of media buzz, ready support from utility companies and government…and the plethora of clearly visible “solar farms” along the state’s highways. But constructing a net zero home in Vermont, New Hampshire, or…

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Critical Elements to Achieving a Net Zero Home

Let’s take a deeper look at what it takes to construct a net zero home. While a fully integrated design-and-build approach is key to success, it also requires a construction crew that cares about the “what” and the “why” of high performance building. Here, critical elements include: 1. Air-Sealing the Building Envelope When a building…

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The Construction of a High Performance Home: Week 6

With the roof framing completed and the waterproof membrane in place, the focus has turned to finishing the interior framing so the electricians and plumbers can move in and begin their work. Once that’s completed, the crew will move back outside and complete a few minor framing items, like the two car garage.   Now…

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4 Keys to Know a Net-Zero Home in Vermont Actually Will Be Net Zero

One of the worst fears imaginable is that you contract for a net-zero home in Vermont or New Hampshire and get something else. Maybe you get some form of energy-saving home with solar panels, but it doesn’t achieve net zero. A net zero home, by definition, is a home whose energy consumption is equal to…

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Top Questions To Ask A High Performance Builder Before You Buy

In this article, we are going to give you some of the top questions to ask a high-performance builder during the interview process. These are questions that they should be able to answer based on the knowledge and experience of building high-performance homes. How do air barriers differ from vapor barriers? What is a Breathable…

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Prudent Living and the Lebanon Rotary Club

Prudent Living, Inc. and LaValley Building Supply recently hosted 30 members and guests of the Lebanon (NH) Rotary Club at LaValley Building Supply’s West Lebanon store for lunch and a presentation on the development of the Prudent Living Train display. Company president, Paul Biebel, discussed the history and creation of the exhibit, and why the…

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How Solar Power Achieves Net Zero Construction in Vermont

For the obvious reason, solar power plays a big part in home energy efficiency. It’s the component that allows most homes within Vermont to become energy independent and achieve annual net-zero energy consumption. Just how important is solar in achieving net-zero construction in Vermont? And what are the big differences you’ll find between solar-powered, high-performance homes in Vermont, and the…

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Barn Becomes Net-Zero Home

(Adapted from Prudent Living Magazine: Volumes 1-3, 2012) With retirement and fixed income living just a few years ahead, the handwriting was on the wall for Don Wemple: Find a way to reduce living costs, or find another place to live. The answer for the Bridgewater Corners, Vermont, renewable energy expert was relatively easy in…

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