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Prudent Living welcomes the opportunity to serve you in four key areas. Build your future Zero Energy Solar Home or high-performance home with Prudent Living Homes. Start saving now on your energy bills with Prudent Living Solar. Explore high-performance home construction details and learn about alternative home energy solutions with Prudent Living Magazine, our weekly blog. And climb aboard the Prudent Living Train for your entertainment and education through an immersive video experience. We love building Zero Energy High-Performance Homes that provide sustainable solutions for our customers.


Custom high performance design/build firm.

Our full-service design/build team starts with talking about your project and developing trust in our "meet and greet" meeting. Here we'll share ideas on we begin to make your dream a reality!

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4 Reasons Why You Should Let Us Build A Custom Zero Energy Home, pt4

May 28, 2019

Reason 4: Your Home Will Pay You Back Over Time Over the span of a thirty-year mortgage, your operational savings could be as high as $200,000.00, compared to an identical house built to minimum energy codes at the same time. Sustainable strategies really do make a difference! Yes, there might be an initial 10 percent…

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4 Reasons To Let Us Build Your Net Zero Energy Home, Part 3

May 16, 2019

Reason 3: Every Room Your House Can Be as Warm or Cold as you want it to be in a zero energy home.  Sometimes when I think back about the old way of heating a home and what we can do now, I marvel at the changes, progress, and the options that we can offer you…

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4 Reasons To Let Us Build Your Net Zero Energy Home, Part 2

May 11, 2019

Reason 2: Your rafters won’t snap at you when it’s really cold and your windows won’t ice up Perhaps your ideal retirement home is an old farmhouse you saw in a brochure about Vermont living. In summer there are wildflowers and wildlife all over the place. How charming and attractive! In winter the four foot…

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Four Reasons Why You Should Let Us Build Your Net Zero Energy Home, Part 1

April 24, 2019

Reason 1: Your floors won’t squeak.  It is possible to like squeaky floors for a variety of reasons. If you do, we can build your zero energy home with that feature. Check all the reasons that apply to you:  __ When you’re sleeping, squeaks can alert the family dog that there might be a cat burglar…

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The 4 Key Steps for Designing for Net Zero Construction in Vermont

April 1, 2019

If you’ve discovered net zero construction in Vermont, you realize you’ve discovered the most efficient living space on the planet. With the unpredictability of utility costs coupled with foreign energy dependence, net zero is the smart choice for both today and the future. What Does it Take to Build a Net Zero Home? Building a…

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Why Build a High-Performance Home?

March 21, 2019

If you’re thinking of building a high-performance home, and you want the best “bang for your bucket of bucks,” prudence suggests that you consider the advantages of going high-tech, even perhaps aiming for a net-zero home. “Net-zero” describes a home in which the renewable energy sources that are incorporated into the design produce the equivalent of…

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Affordable Zero Energy Homes: Underslab Solutions

March 12, 2019

The question isn’t so much, “How can we save money and still get an affordable zero energy home, but “where” can we save money?” Since we start building with a foundation, then it’s logical that the cost of a foundation is a good first place to start looking for places to save money. This blog will…

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Affordable Zero Energy Homes: Exterior Wall Assembly

February 23, 2019

To keep any house affordable, efficiency during the construction process is key. A high-performance wall assembly is no exception. There are multiple ways to construct a high-performance wall, but which one makes the most sense from a cost standpoint when building an affordable zero energy home? Spray foam insulation has a higher R-value per inch than almost…

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Down the Up Staircase – How an Eyesore Became a Centerpiece

February 8, 2019

When Tom and Sarah purchased an 1870 farm house and barn in West Windsor, Vermont, in 2003, their farm was already famous. For example, they were told by several locals that “Good Morning, America” had once used the barn as a backdrop for one of their programs. And a 500-piece Rose Art Encore! jigsaw puzzle…

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Downsizing Your Home for Seniors: Managing The Stress

January 15, 2019

For some seniors, downsizing your home is an optional choice.  For others, it is done by necessity.  If both spouses are still living and maintaining the house (and property) where they raised their children, associated upkeep can be tiresome – even overwhelming.  Home maintenance that these seniors handled themselves may now need to be hired-out,…

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