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Prudent Living welcomes the opportunity to serve you in four key areas. Build your future Zero Energy Solar Home or high-performance home with Prudent Living Homes. Start saving now on your energy bills with Prudent Living Solar. Explore high-performance home construction details and learn about alternative home energy solutions with Prudent Living Magazine, our weekly blog. And climb aboard the Prudent Living Train for your entertainment and education through an immersive video experience. We love building Zero Energy High-Performance Homes that provide sustainable solutions for our customers.


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What Is The Value of a Human Life?

Reflections on Forty Years of Building Codes by Paul Biebel, Founder and President, Prudent Living, Inc. Forty-three years ago, when I was just starting to learn different facets of the building trade, I worked as an unofficial apprentice to a licensed electrician in his eighties who had been around since the days of Edison –…

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Safety in Your Home

by David B. Biebel You may spend half of your life at work or school, but the other half you spend at home. Work places have safety rules with inspections and warnings for workers. How many homes have you been in where safety rules were posted? Many injuries and illnesses occur in the home environment.…

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Detailing Window and Door Openings

Thick walls mean tying together inner and outer rough openings. We are always tinkering with our framing techniques to try and improve them, but one that has worked well for the double-stud wall is to wrap the rough openings for doors and windows with Zip System sheathing and tape. It connects the inner and outer…

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Safety On The Home Front

by Nancy Wolff When I was asked to write an article on Safety my mind started to go in all different directions. Should I write about the safety of using homemade cleaning products versus store bought? Of the importance of keeping the prongs of a garden rake pointed downwards when you garden? Or should I…

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4 Reasons To Let Us Build Your Net Zero Energy Home, Part 3

Reason 3: Every Room Your House Can Be as Warm or Cold as you want it to be in a zero energy home.  Sometimes when I think back about the old way of heating a home and what we can do now, I marvel at the changes, progress, and the options that we can offer you…

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The modified Cape / Farmhouse look fits the neighborhood

 Cost and energy efficiency considerations drove many design decisions for the ProHOME project. But the upgrades inside, like the cabinets and counters in the kitchen and the radiant heat in the bathroom, help to make the sale. Watch this video to see how these factors related to finish a beautiful and affordable production home.

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The Construction of a High-Performance Home: Week 9

With insulation planned for the coming week, the crew has turned their attention to preparing the air barrier on the exterior walls of this high-performance home. The air barrier, which is Intello Plus Membrane, is stapled to the studs on the exterior wall and will hold back the dense packed cellulose insulation. Three-quarter-inch strapping, as…

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Budgeting for Site and Lot Improvements, Part 2

This document is a very good investment to have in one’s file. It protects everyone past, present, and future; especially when it comes time to sell or re-finance. By state law, Vermont Banks cannot gain clear title to its own property without such letters of compliance. This makes the Banking Institution very nervous. This particular…

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4 Reasons To Let Us Build Your Net Zero Energy Home, Part 2

Reason 2: Your rafters won’t snap at you when it’s really cold and your windows won’t ice up Perhaps your ideal retirement home is an old farmhouse you saw in a brochure about Vermont living. In summer there are wildflowers and wildlife all over the place. How charming and attractive! In winter the four foot…

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The Construction of a High Performance Home: Week 6

With the roof framing completed and the waterproof membrane in place, the focus has turned to finishing the interior framing so the electricians and plumbers can move in and begin their work. Once that’s completed, the crew will move back outside and complete a few minor framing items, like the two car garage.   Now…

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