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Prudent Living welcomes the opportunity to serve you in four key areas. Build your future Zero Energy Solar Home or high-performance home with Prudent Living Homes. Start saving now on your energy bills with Prudent Living Solar. Explore high-performance home construction details and learn about alternative home energy solutions with Prudent Living Magazine, our weekly blog. And climb aboard the Prudent Living Train for your entertainment and education through an immersive video experience. We love building Zero Energy High-Performance Homes that provide sustainable solutions for our customers.


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Safety in Your Home

by David B. BiebelYou may spend half of your life at work or school, but the other half you spend at home. Work places have safety rules with inspections and warnings for workers. How many homes have you been in where safety rules were posted? Many injuries and illnesses occur in the home environment. These…

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Net Zero – Is It Worth It?

    A net zero home is one that generates as much energy as it consumes over an annual basis, but is it worth the extra expense?   If you have ever pondered this question you would be well served to join us next on Thursday the 29th for a workshop titled,  “A Tale of Two…

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The Construction of a High Performance Home: Week 2

Winter has returned with a vengeance, which only adds to my already growing disdain for it. February is the worst. Next month, March will be the worst. Construction during the winter can be like running an uphill marathon. Twice. Everything takes longer than it should, and the coffee gets cold way too quickly. Cold coffee…

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The Zehnder Ventilation System: Running The Ducting

Tight houses need air exchange. Period. Our target air exchange rate for this house is less than 1 ACH50 and with a goal like that, a clean source of fresh air will be necessary. This was our first time using the Zehnder system. We’ve relied on another heat-recovery ventilator(HRV) product in the past that we’d chosen…

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Prudent Living and the Lebanon Rotary Club

Prudent Living, Inc. and LaValley Building Supply recently hosted 30 members and guests of the Lebanon (NH) Rotary Club at LaValley Building Supply’s West Lebanon store for lunch and a presentation on the development of the Prudent Living Train display. Company president, Paul Biebel, discussed the history and creation of the exhibit, and why the…

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Specialized beads and tapes speed up the drywall finishing process

The drywall phase of a project is that major point in a build when people are able to finally visualize the interior spaces of a house. As builders, it comes as second nature to us when the walls are only framed up. I am amazed at how many clients come through after the drywall has…

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The Construction of a High-Performance Home: Week 11

I have this dream that I will one day live in a high-performance home. It’s hard not to want to when you are involved with building them each day. Super tight construction, high levels of insulation, largely maintenance free, and inexpensive to heat and cool! Who wouldn’t want that? At the end of week 11,…

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Contractor Believes In Living Prudently

Prudent Living is a hybrid company whose purpose is “To promote products and philosophies that encourage a prudent way of life.” Thisway of thinking is still foreign to many, but it is clear that a paradigm shift is occurring in our society and it will continue because it’s a “way of thinking” whose time has…

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Affordable Zero Energy Homes: Exterior Wall Assembly

To keep any house affordable, efficiency during the construction process is key. A high-performance wall assembly is no exception. There are multiple ways to construct a high-performance wall, but which one makes the most sense from a cost standpoint when building an affordable zero energy home? Spray foam insulation has a higher R-value per inch…

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Downsizing for Seniors: Why You Need The Net Zero Energy Option

This article assumes that you are a senior and you are trying to discern the most prudent approach to downsizing: Okay, when you hear the words “net zero,” what comes to mind: __My favorite basketball player missed the buzzer-beater __ My investments just tanked __ My credit card is maxed out. __It’s a new credit…

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