Prudent Living, Inc. is committed to providing a bit of fun and whimsy for the kids at Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock (CHaD) through the donation of a unique train diorama. The welcoming display will be located at CHaD's Lebanon, New Hampshire site, and will no doubt bring cheer to the many patients and families who visit each year. The display will feature "O" size model trains winding through a scale version of local communities. 

Our goal is to bring some entertainment and a bit of diversion from what might be a stressful time, perhaps briefly changing the focus from being a patient undergoing a medical procedure, to just being a kid. Experience suggests that trains can be a positive distraction for both the patient and their families. We do know for certain, the end result of such playtime is complete fascination - and a very broad smile. 

We have worked closely with the staff at CHaD to design and construct a display to fit their needs and space. The diorama will include an important "hero" theme, which is at the forefront of CHaD's annual CHaD HERO fundraising event. The event celebrates the "hero" in CHaD patients, families, providers and supporters. As kids follow the train's path as it chugs along the byways of Lebanon, Hanover, and Norwich, they may encounter a superhero or two! 

Speaking of heroes, we are looking for a few to join us in supporting this project for CHaD. Your contribution can help make this project an exciting reality for children with medical needs. The overall cost for project design, development, and ongoing maintenance is $60,000. 

Prudent Living Inc. is designing, building and making a long-term commitment to maintain the diorama for the kids at CHaD. Should you wish to view the progress of the display, see below.