Contractor Believes In Living Prudently

Prudent Living is a hybrid company whose purpose is “To promote products and philosophies that encourage a prudent way of life.” This
way of thinking is still foreign to many, but it is clear that a paradigm shift is occurring in our society and it will continue because it’s a “way of thinking” whose time has returned. “Hybrid” infers combined or shared energy. Prudent Living shares energies and pools resources with businesses, contractors, designers, and engineers in order to accomplish what none of them could do by themselves.

Contractor Believes In Living Prudently 1

For example, Prudent Living has a hybrid staff that has collectively built hundreds of homes in the Upper Valley Region of Vermont and New Hampshire. These include in-house teams, who specialize in working with Architects and Homeowners to implement Sustainable Design and Renewable Strategies into residential and commercial designs. Members of their team are certified Building Energy Practitioners, who are accredited in LEED and individually certified in the science of Whole-house performance through the “Building Performance Institute.” They use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to perform blower door, ductwork, and infrared camera testing for air and moisture leaks and cold spots. They also specialize in combustion appliance testing for efficiency, back-drafting, and spillage of dangerous gasses, and make recommendations for energy-saving and interior air-quality improvements.

Contractor Believes In Living Prudently 2

Prudent Living’s installers are certified for all Solar and Geo-Thermal designs. They are fully insured and can do installations of any size. They also believe in what they are doing; convinced that renewable energy ought to be standard practice in every community, including businesses and municipalities because they are the biggest consumers of fossil fuels. They hope that someday all “Renewable” installations will become so standard that they will be as much a part of every structure as a foundation and a roof and everything in-between. Prudent Living can provide 3D modeling and renderings to show prospective clients and their neighbors what their projects will look like before they are installed.

There are also teachers on the Prudent Living staff, who teach courses at night ranging from how to be your own general contractor, to weatherization improvements, sustainable design strategies, inside air quality, to understanding renewable energies of all types and how they work to organic gardening, canning, and even making jerky.

Contractor Believes In Living Prudently 3

The Prudent Living office is an off-grid capable facility operating on 17kW’s of solar-generated power, with full battery and generator assisted backup. The underlying philosophy that motivates the people at Prudent Living
is a positive one. It’s all about the benefits that await those who desire to learn more about living prudently. Feel free to stop by and see their Solar PV and Solar Hot Water System in action.