Make Your Meter Spin Backwards

A Spin You Can Trust

How often do we wonder if what we hear on the news is really the truth? “It’s all in how you spin it,” they say. One reporter says that “such and such happened” and we believe it.  But then we change channels and get hit with a totally different “spin” from a different perspective. 

One spins their story to the right and another one spins it to the left. Somewhere on the fringes, they even find ways to spin it sideways and just when we think they have spun something around and around in every way they can possibly spin it, they spin to it up and then they spin it down.     

By the time they are done, our heads are spinning so much that we’ve all given up on believing anything. We just shake our heads, give up and wonder, “Is anything we hear being said the real truth anymore?”   

Well, I am glad to announce that there is one direction of spin that you can believe in.  When you see your electric meter spinning backward, you can believe that something very good is happening. There are still some things in life that pay you back and renewable energy is one of them. When I sit on my porch and watch my meter spinning backward faster than I can focus on it, I am a very happy person. 

Meter spin backwards cartoon

Illustration by Bill Orr

Your meter can spin backward, too. Solar photovoltaic systems, when properly designed will always pay you back. Tune in next issue to find out how this particular “spin” works.