The system is sized for temperature control in each room.

The ProHOME is heated and cooled with Mitsubishi Heat Pumps. Specifically, there are two outdoor units (MXZ-3C24NAHZ2) that feed five indoor units (two on one outdoor unit and three on the other).

This provides 48,000 btu’s of heating capacity, which is overkill for the house, but it allows us to heat the main living spaces individually. The kitchen, living room, and all three bedrooms each have their own indoor unit. I wanted people to be able to have better control over the temperature in each bedroom. What if a mother-in-law comes to visit? A cold mother-in-law benefits no one. For not much of a cost increase, we are able to provide heating and cooling flexibility, eliminating cold mother-in-law potential.

Installation of the indoor units occurs during the rough in phase of construction. The refrigerant and condensate lines are buried in the wall and the unit is mounted on a piece of sheetrock that the drywallers will finish to later.

Our installers like to do it this way because they can connect their fittings more easily.

When the unit is mounted on an interior wall connecting the line sets becomes a one man job.

The outdoor units are mounted on precast concrete slabs once the finish grading is done around the house.

Mounting them to the side of the building is noisy and vibrates the building structure. It’s better to ground mount them. The raised mounting brackets help keep the compressors above winter snow.