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Net Zero – Is It Worth It?

Net Zero or Energy Code



A net zero home is one that generates as much energy as it consumes over an annual basis, but is it worth the extra expense?  

If you have ever pondered this question you would be well served to join us next on Thursday the 29th for a workshop titled,  “A Tale of Two Houses” presented by Prudent Living president Paul Biebel and director of marketing Steve Usle. The presentation examines high performance building methods and outlines some of the related costs and benefits of net-zero construction.  This is done by comparing and contrasting two newly built homes: one constructed to 2015 Energy Code standards; the other built to achieve net-zero energy status.  

Place: LaValley Building Supply, West Lebanon, NH (2nd Floor)

Date: Thursday, January 29, 2015

Time: 6:00 PM 0 7:30 PM

RSVP: Appreciated (866.924.3235 x104 or Steve@PrudentLiving.com)


We hope to see you there!



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