Never Too Old!


Never Too Old! 1Paul Biebel, president of Biebel Builders and Prudent Living, Inc. has been honored by the Governor’s Commission on Successful Aging.  A special review team comprised of private sector representatives, state government, mature workers and commission members reviewed numerous applications submitted for consideration for a Governor’s Award for Business Excellence in Supporting Mature Workers before selecting Mr. Biebel.  The Award recognizes his outstanding work in the area of supporting mature workers, especially in his company’s Workplace Schedule Flexibility and Accommodations.

In announcing Mr. Biebel’s efforts, Toby Young, Chair of the Governor’s Commission on Successful Aging offered, “Considering Vermont’s demographic trends as well as its highly skilled mature population it is only appropriate to honor employers who are “doing it right.'”  He further stated, “Our mature population is an economic development asset, a growing area and it is important to recognize, acknowledge and celebrate how employers are responding to these trends.”

Without question, the construction workforce is aging.  In fact, studies suggest that as of 2020, 25.2 percent of the construction workforce will be over 55 years of age.  The increasing age in the workforce is due to a number of factors, including individuals working longer because retirement wealth has declined, and the fact that younger employees are avoiding the field. 

People like Paul Biebel recognize such industry challenges and are appropriately recognized for all of their pro-active efforts in supports of employees.