Sustainable Building and Design, Because It’s Time, Pt4

Paul acknowledges that “sustainable” has become “an overcooked term”, but it’s one that people understand in today’s marketplace. It has many aspects.

 He laughs because wherever he goes, all he hears is that this pill or that juice or this thing or that thing is sustainable.  It’s definitely getting over baked, over-cooked, over-broiled, over-fried, and over-barbequed.  But it’s still good for us.

Sustainable Building and Design, Because It's Time, Pt4 1

            “We like to refer to ourselves as cost-effective, not cheap.  Cheap isn’t really cheap.  It just  costs more money down the line.  It costs money to be updated and certified on the latest techniques, but we do it.  We use only quality materials, because they’ll last longer in the end.  We also believe in investing into products and systems and practices that pay us back!

            “We can build a home that’s extremely low energy; what we call Energy Independent.  We can build off-grid homes where every Btu counts.  We can also do building diagnostics, for our customers and for other builders.”

            Through their sister company, West Windsor Design, housed in the same complex, they can also plan any project, from start to finish.   “We work with architects, for architects, with other builders and with individuals who cannot afford an architect.  “We do our own computer design.  We can create a life-like rendering and make it look–with 95 % accuracy–like what it’s going to look like on a summer day.  I’ve been doing that for years.”

            For their own projects, commercial or residential, new or remodel, an entire building or just a package of renewables, it always starts at square one.

            “We always start with a site visit, and ask a lot of questions.  If you’re going to mount a PV system on a roof, you need to look at that roof. ( DUH! )  The only way to price a solar job is to go and look. There are always going to be a lot of considerations.  We have a custom builder mindset, even when we’re doing solar.  We won’t do an ugly job.          “How can you bid on a solar job without looking at it?  You can’t…but some people do.   The most important thing is to make sure the size of the system is carefully calculated and that it fits.  We also own our own electrical company, Brite Lite Electric.  So when we install solar, we supply our own NABCEP certified electricians.”

Sustainable Building and Design, Because It's Time, Pt4 2

            One client who has been impressed is Mary Louise Sayles, principal owner of the aforementioned Cedar Hill Health Care Center.  In 1991, Biebel Builders rehabilitated and added onto the main building.  They added a nursing home wing in 1994 and built an independent and assisted living facility in 1999.  They also installed a solar hot water system on both facilities.  Biebel is constructing their new 42,000 sf addition which is scheduled to start this summer.

            Why Biebel Builders, aside from their proximity, Sayles was asked?

            “Paul is a very conscientious builder.  He’s very involved in using green technology and using cost-saving options as well, which we appreciate.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for Rick and Kathie and Tim as well.  We were very fortunate to find them. Not only that, they are just up the road.

            “Paul is a very honest person to deal with.  The entire crew and team are very customer-friendly and conscientious.  When you find someone with that amount of integrity and they practically live within sight, you don’t have to look elsewhere.”