“Temporary” Power

How we start framing with permanent power installed

Ideally, we want to have the permanent power operational before we begin framing. But, the utility meter needs to be installed on the building, at least in this area of the country. That poses a bit of a challenge: How can the meter permanently be mounted when no walls exist to mount it on?

“Temporary” Power 1

To overcome this challenge, we mount a temporary backstop to the foundation where the meter will be permanently located. A couple of 2x4s with a piece of plywood will do the trick, but it’s important to leave space so the wall can be framed without removing the backstop.

For this project, the meter is located on the garage wall. The garage studs will be framed flush with the outside of the concrete and Zip System sheathing and tape will be applied. Therefore, we planned to have the temporary backstop just far enough off the building to allow for the 1/2 in. sheathing.

Once the sheathing is on the wall, the temporary meter backstop is unscrewed from the foundation and the meter is permanently affixed to its final resting place on the garage wall. With proper planning, all the conduits align and everything is plumb and level. It’s a quick process and works well.

On all our projects, we have our electricians mount a temporary subpanel with four quad outlets. After the building is roughed in a few outlets will be powered up in the house and the temporary sub panel will move on to the next project.

If the PVC board the meter is mounted on looks oversized it’s because we have set aside room for an additional meter and disconnect switch that will serve a future solar array on the house.

“Temporary” Power 2

Once the garage wall has been framed, the temporary backstop is removed and the meter mounted on the garage wall.