The Construction of a High-Performance Home: Week 10

Week ten was one of those weeks where it would be difficult to notice how much work was accomplished on this high performance home if you hadn’t been on site all week to see firsthand. These are the times when the crew loves it when I show up and say, “what have you guys been doing all week?” It’s best to temper unwarranted comments such as this with food, I have learned. It doesn’t mean I do, but it’s helpful to at least know that.

Item’s we checked off the list last week include:

Insulated walls!

High Performance Home with Cellulose insulation and Intello Membrane


Installation of Cold Climate Heat Pump!

mitsubishi cold climate heat pump, vermont


Installation of Boiler for Radiant Heat system:

Heating System, High Performance Home


Installed the Leach Field! (This is only exciting to those that will need to use the bathroom in the house some day.)

Installation leach field, septic system in Vermont

That’s all for this week, folks!

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The Construction of a High-Performance Home: Week 10 1
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