The Way of the Future

by Paul Biebel, Founder and President, Prudent Living, Inc.

If I were a prophet, I would predict that:

• The development of Renewable Energy and Strategies for Sustainable Living will prove to be as important to the 21st century as indoor plumbing, electricity, and the telephone were in the last century.

• Renewable Energy and Sustainable Strategies for every home and business will become as integral to our thinking as the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, the places we shop, and the earth we live on.

• Neighbors will encourage the use of Renewable Energy rather than resist it.

• Passersby will applaud rather than protest.

• The market will force this change. For who would buy a home that costs money to own when they could purchase one that pays them back?

• Legislative forces will reinforce this change over time so that someday it could be illegal to build a home with inferior thermal performance, high energy and maintenance costs, and a poor indoor environment.

• Consumers will thus become contributors rather than consumers in terms of energy.

• Renewable Energy will be the best tenant ever. Over the span of a mortgage, a home built using sustainable strategies and renewable energy may pay for itself as much as three times the investment. How’s that for helping to cover the rent?

• Renewable Energy is here to stay.

The technology exists now and the future is here. I suppose, if I really was a prophet, I would say, “Those who invest in Renewable Energy will wonder why they waited so long.”